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I have a varied background and working experience, from agronomist to artist. My art education has been built up, step by step. Anchored in traditional crafts, weaving and knitting were the basis for my first tentative steps into the world of art. In time I have aquired knowledge in art history, philosophy, and contemporary art.

Through my master’s thesis “On the idea of slowness. A study through philosophy, artistic expressions and my own creative work” I explored gutskin as a material. This became the foundation for the exhibition Time shining through – see "projects". With litterature and philosophy being the soundboard (as in Henry Bergson’s “the creative permanence”), my work achieved a new kind of freedom relating to craft and materials, a freedom extending into new projects.

My art projects often arise from the meeting of, and the resonance between, materials, people and the culture they are a part of. The arctic holds a special fascination for me. But then I was born in the county of Troms myself, and I often visit my mother’s home place in Djupvik in Kåfjord in northern Troms: To me, the most beautiful place in the world, facing the wild Lyngen Alps.

The artistic projects reflect these meetings. The processes behind every project is long and extensive. The exhibition as final result is a symbiotic adaptation of the impressions these meetings have given me, expressed through text, textile, installation, and photography applied to various materials.

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